Latest News

Latest News

Here you'll find tusp's most recent news, including details of our latest projects, new partnerships and exciting internal developments.

Site Access Managem

November 2020

We’ve now been delivering our Site Access Management solution since our Network Rail framework went live in June and our fantastic team have now reached over 2000 hours of support! This has been undertaken across the Wales, Western, Wessex and Scotland regions, and we’re excited to be supporting new work banks in the North West and Central regions for the first time in the next few weeks. We’re very eager to expand our offering and deliver our robust, reliable, and safe Site Access Management solution to Tier 1 contractors both on and off the railway.

For more information on how we can assist you, please contact our dedicated lead,
George Peacock, at or contact our office on 01233 640257 and ask to speak to the Business Development team.

Rail Wellbeing 

November 2020

This month members of the tusp team attended the Rail Wellbeing live event. This annual event is free for everyone who works within the industry and is hosted by wellbeing and rail experts to inspire those in rail to live and lead a healthier lifestyle, both in body and mind. The event ran workshops covering topics including fatigue and shift work, mindfulness nutrition and mental wellbeing, as well as addressing how to build resilience, deal with the effects of Covid and holistic ways of working. Improving physical and mental wellbeing is key to every aspect of our lives, both at work and at home. This very much represents the ethos that we have at tusp, with staff working from home or at HQ in socially distanced work patterns, offering opportunities to meet training and development needs and with pastoral support on hand when needed, all designed to provide a great work/life balance.

Wellbeing and Upskilling

October 2020

With our minds very much focusing on new ways of working we have been investing heavily in our people. We have supported them in their personal development and wellbeing, and they have been upskilling themselves by completing qualifications and undertaking training in areas of the industry that interests them. Our Business Development Executive Sarah is working her way through a Project Management diploma as well as utilising an online training session in advanced tendering skills. Our newest team member, Hannah,
has already completed a short course in Digital Marketing as well as completing a Bright Network Internship in Business, Marketing and Operations. Other members of the team are currently exploring a variety of options to support them in their roles and for career development. We are very keen to embrace new digital learning options alongside our tried and tested in-house training.

Technological Solutions

September 2020

With our recent move into Site Access Management, we are constantly investigating innovative, sustainable, and long-term solutions to make work sites and delivery safer. We believe technological solutions are the key to streamlining and improving the quality of site management and we want to take advantage of site access management activity to collect and deliver rich data that can then beused to make safety and productivity improvements. We have some really exciting innovation that we will soon be bringing to market,
where we have looked at best practice from other industries both in the UK and overseas.

Site Access Management Solution - Network Rail Framework

September 2020

tusp have been busy driving forward the new national Site Access Management
framework awarded to us by Network Rail earlier in 2020. This went live in June
and since then we have successfully mobilised and managed work banks in Wessex, Wales & Western and Scotland, with more of the contracted regions due to come on board shortly. We have been involved across a variety of work sites, including track renewals, drainage, and bridge repairs, often mobilising at short notice to support Network Rail in the delivery of their possessions. Following a successful five-day blockade in Scotland where tusp delivered both experienced staff and quality reporting using our market leading software solution, we have been asked to provide our services further across additional schemes for NWR Scotland. Our
services are ever evolving, and we are continuing to explore further usage of new
technology to take our Site Management services to the next level.

Sentinel Audit

August 2020

We are proud to announce that we have passed the annual Sentinel Audit. We are continuing to meet the standards RISQS set and exceed expectations where possible. The safety and security of all our resources is of the utmost importance to us and it is something we consider in every single day to day action we undertake. Our Operations Team, under the leadership of Fiona Lee, have successfully delivered once again.

Construction Management and Asset Protection Services

August 2020

At tusp we pride ourselves on the extensive experience we have in the field of construction management. Our consultants enter true partnerships with our clients to provide a professional service throughout a project’s entire lifecycle. Our experts can support in facilitating construction activity, reporting and governance, together with undertaking contractor site management duties and ensuring asset protection. Our tusp asset protection and optimisation solution ensures that risk is reduced when working on or around the railway by providing experienced ASPRO consultants to deliver work safely and securely. We provide the expert railway assistance
required and have provided asset protection services on some of the UK’s most complex and heavily used railway infrastructure.

Site Access Management Framework

July 2020

tusp are now up and running with our new national Site Access Management framework for Network Rail. Going live on June 27th, we supported the Wessex region, receiving positive feedback for our approach and professionalism together with the quality and innovation of our information reporting system. We are actively engaged in the planning, mobilisation and utilisation of the framework within all the contracted regions. We have also supported a five-day blockade at Enterkinfoot in the Dumfries and Galloway region for NWR Scotland at short notice, where we delivered highly trained staff alongside an advanced system of recording information onsite within 48 hours of contact. These are exciting times for tusp, and we look forward to developing this service offering further.

tusp Back to Work

July 2020

July has seen the phased return of the tusp team back into the head office. To protect the safety of our staff, and to comply
with all of the suggested guidelines, not only have we socially distanced our desks and introduced sanitiser stations, but we have also staggered our days in the office to reduce overall contact. On our days working at home we are continuing with our now established systems and using Microsoft Teams to stay in touch. It’s good to be back!

Euston Change Programme

June 2020

The rail industry doesn’t stand still and that’s what makes it a fantastic place to work. tusp are excited to be leading a Change Programme, looking at performance improvement at Euston Station and we have the pleasure of working closely with Network Rail and the Train Operators. We are driving some interesting changes that will significantly improve the performance of Euston and positively impact the customer satisfaction scores. It makes for an interesting challenge, looking across the industry to collaborate on changes and drive a one team approach.


We have extensive knowledge and change expertise to drive these types of programmes, so please get in touch if you have a challenge for us.

Kilsby Tunnel Blockade

May 2020

tusp had the pleasure of supporting Network Rail and Balfour Beatty through the Central Rail Systems Alliance to deliver a significant amount of the Maintenance Workbank within two additional worksites that ran alongside the Kilsby Tunnel Blockade work. This work required the industry to pull together and blend Alliance delivery process with Network Rail Delivery Unit process to rapidly deliver items that had been within the Maintenance workbank for a long time, so the blockade was the ideal opportunity to deliver this work. Both the Kilsby Tunnel Blockade core work and the maintenance workbank items were successfully and safely delivered and hopefully this has demonstrated how works can be collaboratively delivered in the future.

Recruitment Opportunities

May 2020

We are looking for skilled Project Managers experienced in the delivery of environmental, flood risk management, large civils and groundwork schemes. These roles are across the UK and are complex and enjoyable projects.


Please call the office for a chat or email us at

Business Development 

April 2020

The tusp business development team have been extremely busy working with UK and international clients this month and have enjoyed building delivery teams for many exciting ventures and projects. We have relished exploring opportunities in diverse sectors, ranging from transport, renewables and construction to the provision of digital solutions, with some of these projects in unique locations and niche areas.

We’ve been building strong relationships with many new consultants and reconnecting with old contacts. tusp are fortunate to have so many fantastic and experienced consultants both in the UK and overseas who can provide subject matter expertise across such a wide variety of sectors.

Site Visits

March 2020

In March our BD Manager Sarah Ludlam went to visit one of our Senior
Consultants, Pieter Esbach, who is leading a large civil engineering project for one
of our clients in Peterborough. Pieter was very happy to report that the project
was moving along well. The works will enable more passenger trains to run on the
East Coast mainline and involves a new two-track line, a new underpass and a river


Our site visits allow the BD team to improve our industry knowledge
and to forge and maintain great relationships with our expert consultants.

Canada Infrastrcuture Forum

March 2020

In March we attended the Canada Infrastructure Forum at Canada House
in London. In conjunction with the UK Department of International trade, the
speakers from various Canadian provinces spoke about Canadian projects,
goals and initiatives. There is a huge focus on Transit Oriented Communities &
Developments, emphasising community-based transit systems which look to
increase both jobs and numbers of people living in affordable housing near or
within a short walk of transport routes. With lots of options for UK businesses to
get involved across a variety of industry sectors, we are excited to explore future

Kings Cross Readiness Reviews

November 2020

Kings Cross station is receiving a major investment into its infrastructure to transform train travel to and from London. In this respect the Kings Cross blockade is now set for February 2021 and in preparation tusp, led by Richard Smith MD and Dave Ward OBE, have been managing a series of readiness reviews, looking at construction, planning and operations as well as the wider industry readiness.
Acting as lead reviewers we have undertaken a deep dive into the staging and train planning, as well as providing mentoring during DWWP meetings. To date we have completed a number of interviews with both train operators and senior Network Rail leaders and we are looking forward to moving ahead onto the next stages of this interesting and complex project.

Online Events and New Ways of Working

October 2020

During the last few weeks our Business Development team have been attending
a variety of online webinars and events which have been really interesting, so we
have actively booked to attend more over the coming months. It is great to see
how adaptable the industry has become in adjusting to recent worldwide events
and how it has been able to overcome obstacles, still providing quality information
and performance updates in innovative ways that are accessible to a very wide
ranging audience. In general, the world is changing fast, and it is encouraging
that recent difficulties have provided opportunities for change and growth. On
attending a seminar by the IRSC it was interesting to hear more about Digital Twin
technology and the positive effect that it will have on the future of railway planning
and risk management. This is just one of many new digital advancements that
the industry will benefit from. In many ways the pandemic has led to companies
working together cohesively for the benefit of the majority, and we look forward to
upcoming events to keep our knowledge sharp and to see where we can become

New Website

October 2020

Recently we’ve taken the time to reflect on how we are represented online. We felt that our website could be better at demonstrating the great work we do, the services we provide, and the expertise of the entire tusp team, from our head office leadership to our expert consultants. Therefore, we undertook a website revamp, led by Hannah with support from Sarah and Kirsty.  If any of our services are of
interest to you then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Expansion Plans for Site Access Management

September 2020

So far we have focused on extending our Site Access Management service to the contracted regions within the Network rail framework, but we are now excited to expand our coverage to Tier 1 contractors to assist them with their Site Access Management measures, both on and off the railways. The tusp Site Access Management Solution brings together our years of expertise in project delivery
and provides a data rich solution to effectively support site work. It gives clients an effective method of communication, both on and away from site; an enhanced level of site safety and security; and an advanced, real-time method of reviewing project progress and the deployment of resources. For more information on how we can assist you, please contact our dedicated lead, George Peacock, at or contact our office on 01233 640257 and ask to speak to the Business Development team.

tusp's Site Access Management Solution

August 2020

Working with our technology partner, WorkSiteCloud, tusp have successfully
launched a bespoke service to provide real-time site management, monitoring,
exceptional reporting and productivity data management. The solution brings
together years of expertise in project delivery and construction management,
providing a robust, data rich solution to effectively support site work. The Site Access Management service has been developed to support all requirements,
including data collection, reporting, site safety, time management and productivity
improvements. Please get in contact with us if you’d like more information at or visit our website at

tusp Experts

August 2020

tusp’s highly qualified experts bring decades of experience across the transport, construction, and utilities sectors. Their specialisms include project management, operations, infrastructure maintenance, project health checks, risk management, asset stewardship, health and safety, engineering assurance and environmentalism. Working alongside tusp, our experts have utilised their strategic,
operational, commercial, and engineering experience at senior levels to deliver some of the UK’s biggest and most complex infrastructure projects. Their achievements and accolades are testament to the years they have committed to delivering a better, more sustainable transport industry. To become a tusp expert or to understand our capabilities visit the Experts page on our website (

Government Driven Project Speed

July 2020

tusp have been involved in Network Rail’s Project SPEED after we were invited
onto the task force for both Southern and Eastern Regions. Project Speed is based
on pace, simplicity, change culture, risk awareness and business change, with
the goal of demonstrating how enhancements can be delivered quicker and at a greatly reduced cost. By focusing on six existing work programmes which are all at different stages and examining baselines, savings and opportunity, its aim is to produce a set of outcomes to not only support these key projects, but to be used
as a template for future projects and programmes. This is a really exciting time
for the industry.

Overseas Deep Dive Reviews

July 2020

Over the last few months tusp have been delivering some exciting and interesting work with an overseas client that has led us to embarking on some deep dive reviews. Our subject matter experts have been involved in a variety of project reviews, including rail programmes, wind farming and overhead powerlines. These projects demonstrate the breadth of experience that tusp can bring to many different genres of work and we look forward to continuing with these projects in the coming weeks.

Site Access Management Framework Win

June 2020

The tusp business development team are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the National Site Access Management framework for Network Rail.


This is a significant win for tusp and secures our drive in improving the delivery of projects and schemes by focusing on better quality site reporting and support. Our drive has always been to provide an end to end solution for the delivery of work within the railway environment, so adding site access management to our project management and controls solution completes the service offering.


We will therefore be looking to recruit additional support for this framework over the coming months so we are interested in discussing opportunities with you if you have either existing site access management expertise or are interested in changing careers. Please get in contact with us if you’d like more information at or visit our website at

Welcoming George Peacock

June 2020

tusp are delighted to welcome George Peacock to the team. George is taking up the position of Project Manager, Site Controls and will take the lead on the mobilisation and management of our Network Rail Site Access Control framework and associated services. George has a strong background in project management, with a strong focus on customer service and the end to end delivery of work programmes. This is an exciting and positive time for us and we are proud to extend the tusp family and look forward to introducing George to our fantastic network. If you would like to contact George, he can be reached at

Open for Business

May 2020

tusp are very much open for business and we are proud to be in full operation and supporting our clients and consultants across the industry. We have the ability to provide services remotely and we are even running workshops via teams and providing consulting services across the world, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any requirements.

tusp Response to Covid-19

April 2020

tusp commends the response of the Rail Industry to Covid-19, with rail freight transporting vital supplies, resources and workers across the UK, and rail workers keeping morale high and commuters safe. Everyone who works on the railway has an incredibly important role, and we are very proud of our consultants, who are keeping the railway running and working hard for the future of Britain’s railways.


Staff from our head office are now working from home but feel more like a team than ever, with easy access to video technology, conference calls, emails and mobile phones we are very much open for business and have been working nonstop supporting our consultants and planning for future projects.

Joint Venture

April 2020

tusp are proud and excited to have entered a joint venture with TES2000, POISE, RCU and Technotrack. 

The joint venture will provide a full design, build and commissioning solution underpinned by strong governance, an impeccable safety culture and powerful drive and determination to offer the industry an innovative and sustainable solution.

It will operate under a Principal Contractor Licence held by TES2000, who bring delivery expertise and railway safety critical knowledge which has been gained through their tenure as a trusted delivery partner for many tier 1 contractors as well as Network Rail.

You can find more information about the joint venture here.

Tendering Support

March 2020

We are very proud to have successfully supported several main clients, developed
a number of joint venture opportunities and the tusp tendering team are now
completing a number of significant tenders, so will have capacity moving forward.
We have a significantly experienced and driven team so if you are looking for bid
management, technical writing, estimating or peer reviews then please get in

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