Consultancy and advisory

At tusp, we’re in the business of creating solutions

We offer specialist services backed by traditional and innovative consulting methods and outstanding experience and expertise.

Tender and bids

We support and lead on documentation preparation, analysis, and commercial estimating, ensuring an accurate tender is prepared ready for the negotiation phase and subsequent mobilisation activity.

Systems implementation

We support and lead system implementation projects, providing asset management, planning and controls, work management, and financial control solutions.

Project management and control

We offer a full and wide-ranging project management and control service to keep projects within scope, schedule and budget.

Performance and progress improvement

We have the expertise and skill set to review and identify business issues and develop and implement solutions. We have developed our own unique toolset for supporting our consulting business that ensures we undertake our work in a strong and structured manner.

Collaborative working

We lead the full implementation of collaborative project work and have reviewed the ISO44001 standard in detail. We produce our own implementation model together with a detailed tracking system to ensure the focus remains on a timely and successful delivery.

Programme integration

We offer a bespoke service with industry experts leading the integration, deconfliction and readiness activities for complex infrastructure programmes of work. This includes the rapid mobilisation of spade-ready work and the onsite deconfliction, command and control services to keep delivery on track. Throughout the process, we provide the progress status to key stakeholders.

Operational planning

We model and analyse the complex operational performance of major rail infrastructure, suggesting improvements and enhancements to maximise efficiency. Our team has the expertise to support the planning of capital expenditure enhancements or improvements to keep the railway operational, limiting the impact on the travelling public.

Deep dive reviews

We perform comprehensive reviews for project or business operations, looking at potential issues, risks, poor performance and providing actionable items to help drive improvements and reduce risk and cost. Through our approach to see things differently, we bring expert knowledge and significant experience across a variety of industries to deliver findings with a fair and objective approach.

Risk management

We have a robust approach to managing and minimising risks whilst maximising opportunities, collaborating with client and stakeholder teams to identify and implement realistic solutions to optimise project success.