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Earthwork Challenge Workshops

Network Rail

The challenge: Network Rail required consulting and advisory expertise to create a rich environment to grow innovative ideas.

Our solution: We facilitated an extensive series of Earthwork Challenge workshops with internal and external stakeholders, to encourage new bold concepts to be discovered, presented and discussed collaboratively.

The outcome: Our specialised tusp consultants acted as lead reviewers to the opportunities developed and all outcomes were presented to Network Rail in a comprehensive summary and action plan.

Project Speed Workshops

Network Rail

The challenge: tusp were engaged by Network Rail to facilitate a series of workshops, provide insight, identify challenges and summarise findings.

Our solution: Our specialised tusp consultants supported the development of output reports, acted as the lead reviewer for the opportunities discovered and recorded the workshop actions.

The outcome: The findings from the workshops were collated into a comprehensive report that assisted with actioning and developing further outcomes.

Euston Station - Fire Safety Review

Network Rail

The challenge: Network Rail engaged with our consulting and advisory experts to review current and future fire safety arrangements and ensure they adhered to the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005.

Our solution: To mitigate any potential issues, tusp implemented a thorough review of the Euston Station’s current arrangements and future requirements and identified areas needing necessary upgrades and improvements.

The outcome: tusp provided a comprehensive written report of findings and a detailed summary of all the areas reviewed, including the provision of suggested actions to increase the fire safety standards at the station.

TransPennine Route Upgrade Assurance Reviews - Manchester Blockade

Network Rail

The challenge: Our specialist team was brought in to undertake the initial deliverability review for the multi-pound infrastructure programme. This project was implemented to improve connectivity in the North, supporting economic growth and delivering real benefits to the passengers and communities it serves.

Our solution: tusp conducted a subsequent deep dive review focusing on the staging and sequencing of work, float and contingency, engineering trains and strategic plant planning and risks, and QRSA outputs. 

The outcome: tusp provided strategic guidance report focussing on operational readiness, resilience plans, passenger handling, train planning/mitigations and contingency plans. We then took the lead on all stakeholder communication.

Werrington Junction

Morgan Sindall

The challenge: Our team were engaged by Morgan Sindall for the Werrington Grade Separation project, which aimed to enable more passenger trains to run on the East Coast Main Line (ECML). 

Our solution: Joining the programme part way through the construction management, our senior tusp consultant was engaged as the Project Director for the works.

The outcome: Our specialised tusp consultants provided construction integration and assurance for this long-term programme completing constructability reviews of design, as well as construction and programme input through to final commissioning and entry into service.

Barking Riverside

Network Rail

The challenge: tusp was engaged to provide project delivery services to the Barking Riverside Project.

Our solution: We delivered project management, construction management, planning and project interface support. 

The outcome: We provided support and assistance to client, Network Rail and the Principal Contractor during the delivery of site works, ensuring compliance and programme timescales.

Operational Resilience

Ministry of Transport and Communications

The challenge: tusp was brought on to review operational resilience to ensure the system could cope should one transport network be compromised.

Our solution: Seven example cities were evaluated, and specific elements extracted in order to provide suggested improvements to strengthen the limited systems in Qatar. The requirements were to research and evaluate the seven different cities which had experience in tackling a variety of transportation related issues.

The outcome: We built and delivered a governance model for the rail program, and developed and approved policies, standards and responses.

GDSP Programme - Deepdive Review

Balfour Beatty

The challenge: tusp undertook a deep dive review to gain an understanding of the poor performance factors that were resulting in the loss of client confidence as well as productivity. 

Our solution: During the discovery phase tusp experts also reviewed significant issues around project readiness in terms of the lack of available information, planning ability, timeframe, and overall delivery.

The outcome: Our team delivered a comprehensive report highlighting the areas requiring greater focus and the key issues that needed to be resolved.

Project Alpha

Network Rail

The challenge: The scope of this project was to lead the development of a change programme for the Euston Station element of Project Alpha. 

Our solution: The project commenced with an intensive discovery period to understand, from the front-line resources, the issues that were impacting performance and therefore driving poor customer satisfaction.

The outcome: The results of the discovery period led to an initial 100-day improvement plan that consisted of 16 improvement workstreams that were then delivered in a collaborative manner.