National Careers Week spotlight series: Karan Lally

06 Mar 2024

To celebrate National Careers Week, we are spotlighting some of our impressive employees to give an insight into careers in the construction industry.

Karan, a Construction Manager at tusp, has worked on multiple exciting projects including the Better Value Footbridges commission with Network Rail.

We sat down with Karan to ask him a few questions about his experience and his role at tusp.

Tell me about your role and what a career in construction involves.

I am a Construction Manager, and I was fortunate to have been a part of the Better Value Footbridges (BVF) commission which involved conducting data collection, analysing the gathered information, organising workshops with each region, evaluating the baseline cost and program of footbridges with lifts, scrutinising contractor expenses and timelines, and ultimately formulating well-founded recommendations.

Can you share a brief overview of your career journey?

Throughout my career, I have been deeply involved in contributing to major infrastructure projects, including the Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment, West Gate Tunnel, Glenroy Station NWPA, and the Gippsland Line Upgrade. I applied my engineering initially as an undergraduate engineer in 2016 and have been managing a variety of disciplines such as station renewals, track upgrade and renewals, structures, bridge widening and rehabilitation, civils, and MEP scope of works.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to enter the industry?

The initial guidance I received emphasised the importance of being ‘tenacious’. Personally, this translated into a continuous commitment to learning and adapting to the dynamic environment of a construction delivery role. In such a context, where daily challenges are prevalent, this tenacity becomes a crucial factor in overcoming obstacles.

What is your favourite BMD Group value? And why? Family holds significant value, especially in challenging situations, providing reassurance that you can depend on your colleagues and others in the workplace.