International Women's Day Q&A series: Jordyn Krogh

08 Mar 2024

To mark International Women’s Day, tusp as part of the BMD Group, proudly stands alongside the global community as we strive to make gender equity the foundation of our commitment to inclusivity.

We are shining a light on some of the remarkable women of tusp to gain an insight into their journey in the construction industry and to highlight the significant impact they are making as they forge their careers.

Meet Jordyn, an Associate Engineer, who recently moved to the UK from Australia to work on the Devonport Dockyard refurbishment project.

We sat down with Jordyn to ask her a few questions about her role and the opportunities available within the construction industry.

Tell me about your role and what it involves.

I’m an Associate Engineer working in Plymouth, UK on the Devonport Dockyard refurbishment project. My specific role within the dockyard revolves around the refurbishing number 10 dock. This dock was established in 1907 to accommodate the revolutionary new class of Dreadnought battleships. The project aim is to construct the second facility certified to accommodate the largest nuclear submarines.

What attracted you to the industry?

I’ve always been fascinated by how infrastructure plays a pivotal role in shaping societies and enhancing the quality of life for people worldwide. Seeing a project come to life, the hands-on nature of construction work, the opportunity to solve complex problems, and the variety of projects, makes it a dynamic and unique field to work in. 

What advice would you give young women entering the industry?

Go for it! Be yourself, don’t shy away from standing out, work hard and embrace learning from your mistakes! While the construction industry is challenging, it’s incredibly rewarding, empowering, and uniquely fulfilling. 

Do you have any role models? And if so, why are they so inspirational?

Countless women have served as my everyday role models, but past female team members have been the women who have left permanent impressions on how I envision my future progression within the construction industry. They showed that it’s not only acceptable but commendable to stand out in a room, to be bubbly and vibrant, and to be successful without compromising their uniqueness. Above all, they demonstrated the importance of being approachable, confident, and motivating. Their willingness to engage in personal and uplifting conversations has influenced and motivated me to continue my career within the construction industry.

What initiatives or changes would you like to see to further support women in the industry?

Despite the significant increase of women in STEM over recent years, the construction industry still lacks women personnel. It can feel isolating to be the only woman onsite, and I understand the challenges women encounter in a male-dominated field. As this next generation of women assumes more leadership roles, I believe it will empower more women to pursue a career in the construction industry. With greater representation of women, the construction industry will become less intimidating, more welcoming, and viewed as a viable career path for women.