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International Women’s Day

It has been less than 100 years since Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919, which means “a person shall not be disqualified by sex or marriage from carrying on any civil profession or vocation”. Since then we have come a long way and that is why we are celebrating International Women Days.
Internationl Women's  Day
In rail a major opportunity for women came in WWI where women held almost every rail job by 1918. However, now the overall statistics show women are only 16% of the workforce.
Adeline Ginn, the founder of Women in Rail, has said that, “For the first time, we have an actionable benchmark upon which companies can identify and target the key areas for change. This, paired with the rapid growth of the industry, it is more important than ever that rail and influencers outside the industry encourage women to follow career paths that lead to rail – like engineering – from a young age.”
Women in Engineering
To combat this large organisations like HS2 and Crossrail are proactive in their support of women. HS2’s workforce comprises of 46% women as they believe its a step change in equality and diversity. Simon Kirby, Chief Executive of HS2 said, “A more diverse workforce would benefit the industry. Put simply, the wider the range of skills and experience brought to bear on a problem, the better the decision will be.” Crossrail chose to name their first tunnel bore after the inspirational Ada Lovelace, who was classified as the first computer for her collaborative work on the analytical engine to further exemplify womens’ role in technical industries.
Women from all over the world recognise June 22nd as Women in Engineering Day, which is to positively reinforce women to choose Engineering as it is an excellent and rewarding career path.

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