TUSP acquired by BMD as part of global growth strategy

28 Apr 2023

BMD is taking its Australian civil construction expertise to the world with the acquisition of UK-based infrastructure consultancy, TUSP.

As Australia’s largest privately owned civil contractor, this move marks a further step towards BMD’s positioning as a global brand, following the establishment of operations in the Philippines in 2017 and its London office in early 2023.

Launching its UK-based business — BMD Infrastructure Services — in January of this year, BMD offers project management and infrastructure advisory services that bring the expertise of the company’s Australian business to the UK market.

The acquisition of TUSP, an international consultancy that provides solutions to the transport, rail and construction industries, is a strategic move aligning with BMD’s goal of ongoing global expansion and diversification by sector and geography.

BMD brings its unique way of operating to the UK market and offers outstanding reputational credentials backed by financial capacity, state of the art systems, exceptional people and fresh perspectives.

BMD’s CEO Scott Power said the new venture offers opportunities in both the UK and Australian markets, as well as representing an exciting opportunity for BMD’s people.

“BMD will deliver a genuine contribution to improved outcomes as the UK construction market continues to experience record high levels of investment in the transportation, rail, energy and defence sectors; we are already bringing in fresh talent from Australia and challenging convention with a focus on productivity and social value,” Mr Power said.

“Furthermore, by bringing TUSP into the BMD family we are able to utilise some brilliant UK talent to support clients within the Australian market, whilst also creating exciting international career growth opportunities for all of our people.

“Having spent time working and studying overseas, I believe in the benefits that global expertise and experience can add as part of building a career within our industry. It provides an opportunity to broaden your experience and gain an appreciation for working on new challenges and identifying unique solutions to problems within different cultural and operating environments.

“There’s never been a better time for people to consider joining our successful and growing business,” Mr Power said.

The recent move into the UK occurs during a period of significant growth for BMD, and the business is capitalising on the opportunity to engage with and bring on board local people and suppliers.

“We have a proven ability to work across various capabilities globally, only pursuing initiatives that align with our strategic direction and overall diversification strategy to achieve sustainable growth,” Mr Power said.

“We are excited to be taking the step from national contractor with international operations to a global company.”