The history of TUSP powered by BMD

25 Jun 2023

TUSP (The Ultimate Solution Partnership) is an international consultancy firm specialising in the delivery of services in rail, energy, defence and related industries.

Founded in the year 2000 in Peterborough by UK Rail industry senior executives, Richard Smith and Steve Hobden, TUSP was created to ‘shake up’ the consultancy market that serviced the industry at the time.

Richard and Steve believed that a company built on robust safety culture, strong rail knowledge and engineering prowess combined with an overarching emphasis on forging solid relationships, would separate them from the competition.

They were right.

Twenty-two years later, TUSP has thrived as a successful engineering consultancy playing an integral part in many iconic projects, including Elec-link which provided the electrical inter-connector between UK and France; Project Mensa – the Atomics Weapons Establishment transformation programme at Burghfield and supporting Network Rail’s infrastructure development to facilitate the 2012 Olympic Games.

TUSP is now entering an exciting new phase in its long and proud history, with the backing of Australia’s largest privately owned civil contractor, BMD.

From BMD’s beginnings in 1979, the company has grown to become an international business operating in emerging and advanced economies.

With a 44-year history of delivering vital infrastructure for growing communities, BMD brings a point of difference through a combination of exceptionally talented people, investment in digital engineering processes and a safety culture that connects to its five values of family, determined, collaborative, empowering and always striving to do better.

Looking towards the future, TUSP powered by BMD is focused on enhancing industry productivity through a fresh pool of highly skilled talent, strong safety culture and outstanding engineering capabilities.

By seeing things differently, TUSP is looking set to shake things up, once again.