Project Delivery

Engaging with clients on projects in an integrated delivery partner manner to deliver and support projects and programmes in a number of specialist areas throughout the delivery life cycle.

We deliver projects, either hands on or through consulting on business, operations and engineering or project delivery improvements.

Project Delivery

We have the skills, expertise and capability to support the delivery of projects and programmes, either by undertaking normal project and programme management duties or by acting independently of the client and the contractors to facilitate delivery. 

Project Turnaround 

Over 33% of projects fail, be that due to mismanagement, lack of clarity on scope, funding issues or poor planning and execution. We pride ourselves on having the experience and skills to turn projects around from failure to success. 

Project Controls

tusp will provide an entire project controls organisation for your project. This includes planning, reporting, governance and overall control of costs and risk management. 

Engineering Assurance

tusp can undertake a number of assurance roles on projects, ensuring compliance with standards as well as engineering assurance in terms of the provision of CREs, CEMs and DPEs. 

Stakeholder Management 

Stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management are arguably the most important ingredients for successful project delivery and yet are often regarded as a fringe activity. Project Managers depend on people to respond to the outputs and benefits that they deliver. People will only respond positively to project objectives and benefits. 


Crucial decisions must be taken during the delivery of any project, which is why good quality reports and data are important. We have unique methods to record and monitor the status of projects, using modern and visual reporting methods to lift information from plans and documentation to make decision making easy. 

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