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Operational Resilience

Duration: 2017 to January 2019

Specialism: Consulting

Client: Ministry of Transport and Communications

The Project: Qatar had a vision to overhaul its transport system in readiness for the FIFA 2022 World Cup, with the aim being for fans to reach their stadium destination within 30 minutes of arriving at the airport using the Doha Metro. Each stadium was envisioned having a Metro link, making travel more efficient and inner-city travel was planned to include air conditioned buses and taxi services.

The project was to review operational resilience to ensure that the system could cope should one transport network be compromised. Seven example cities were evaluated, and specific elements extracted in order to provide suggested improvements to strengthen the limited systems in Qatar.

tusp’s Work Scope: The requirement was to firstly research and evaluate the seven different cities which had experience in tackling a variety of transportation related issues. Secondly, it was to build a governance model for the rail program, and lastly to develop and approve policies, standards and responses.

Technical Capability: tusp deployed a senior team (formerly Major Program Directors) for the mobilisation of this project, responsible for:

  • Managing a highly complex, large scale project. The transport infrastructure at the time within the country was limited, with the nation still developing their airports and ports. In addition to this, the nation lacked an official taxi service or tram/light rail service which in turn lead to a high demand on the existing rail and bus services.

  • Reviewing seven example cities (Singapore, Hong Kong, Barcelona, London, Brisbane, UAE and NYC) to use their key strengths in Qatar systems.

  • Uniting stakeholders and assigning responsibilities as required to develop understanding.

  • The project identified that further development was needed to improve entry points into the country, including improved links to airport sites.

  • Implementing a holistic evaluation method for future projects, allowing teams a better overall overview.

  • Identifying policies required, i.e. a new Health & Safety policy is required ahead of 2022.

The project was completed on time and gained a broad level of acceptance from all parties involved. It has become a blueprint for the future of transport within the country, which also contributes to their larger vision of transport in Qatar in 2030.

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