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GDSP Programme

Duration: August to October 2019

Specialism: Consulting

Client: Balfour Beatty

The Project: This project involved the delivery of design and contracting services for the UK’s gas distribution network, including replacing old gas mains, laying new mains, installing new connections to houses and commercial premises and assisting Cadent with emergency response services.

The replacement work was part of a thirty-year plan that Cadent is carrying out across the West Midlands and North West. The project will abandon old cast iron and ductile iron pipes and replace them with highly durable, non-corroding plastic pipes, referred to as the Iron Mains Replacement Programme. This will provide homes and businesses across the region with a safe, secure and reliable gas supply network for more than eighty years.

tusp’s Work Scope: tusp undertook a deep dive review to gain an understanding of the poor performance factors that were resulting in the loss of client confidence as well as productivity. During the discovery phase tusp experts also reviewed significant issues around project readiness, in terms of the lack of available information, planning ability, timeframe and overall delivery.

Technical Capability: tusp deployed a number of project and programme delivery experts responsible for:

  • Programme and project management expert advice.

  • Deep dive review to understand productivity issues.

  • Development of an end to end delivery process.

  • Development of a robust readiness review process.

  • Identification of the readiness deliverables.

  • Documenting a readiness instruction manual.

  • Design and development of a readiness delivery tracker.

  • Implementation support and advice.

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