Holding Plant


We are aware of the detrimental effects that work in the transport and construction industries can have on the environment, so we are dedicated to providing the most sustainable solutions and approaches, with a commitment to limiting pollution, carbon dioxide emissions and waste, both at our head office and during delivery of our services out at client sites.

We maintain an up-to-date Environmental policy which outlines the promises and activities tusp undertake on a day-to-day basis to ensure our operations remain sustainable and environmentally friendly. tusp consultants and employees are supported in making environmentally friendly decisions in all aspects of their work, wherever they are based. Our HSE appointed advisor regularly releases industry updates and bulletins, suggesting areas for improvement and how to keep up with industry regulations.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact 

We are continually assessing the environmental impact of our operations, and we strive to minimise the impact of all works, projects and programmes we are involved with. We achieve this on all projects by respecting and thoroughly understanding the local area and environment, local environmental laws, and existing environmental concerns, and then prioritising and implementing procedures and processes that will enable us to optimise sustainable methods of project delivery.

In our office we have implemented guidance to help us reduce our environmental impact, including being conscious of our printing habits, prioritising recycling, choosing eco-friendly supplies, switching off lights and electronic devices when they’re not in use and ensuring all appliances have high energy efficiency ratings. We encourage employee involvement in environmental matters at all levels and promote this through training, communications and a constant reappraisal of working methods and techniques.

We always look at our suppliers’ commitment to reducing carbon emissions and their environmental impact because it’s imperative to us that we engage suppliers that exhibit the same level of due diligence in their own practice.