Consultancy and Advisory

Specialist services linked to traditional consulting methods, backed up with exceptional knowledge gained from hands on experience allowing the delivery of expert advice. 

We deliver projects, either hands on or through consulting on business, operations and engineering or project delivery improvements.

Tender Bid and Consultancy 

The tender phase of a project is a time consuming and resource hungry task. The tusp comprehensive tender support service provides domain experts to either support or lead the documentation preparation, analysis and commercial estimating, and our domain experts will help to ensure an accurate tender is prepared, leading onto the negotiation phase and subsequent mobilisation activity. 

Systems and Implementation

Since the inception of tusp we have been involved in systems implementation, be that an asset management solution, planning and controls, work management or a financial control solution; we have the skills and capabilities to support and lead system implementation projects. 

Performance and Progress Improvement

We have the expertise and skill set to review business issues and develop and implement solutions. tusp are proud to have developed our own unique tool-set for supporting our consulting business that ensures we undertake our work in a structured and robust manner. 

Project Management and Control 

Success with projects will always start with good planning and excellent processes; with this in mind, tusp are proud to be able to offer a full and wide-ranging project controls service. We define project control as the element of a project that keeps it on track, on-time and within budget. 

Collaborative Working

We take collaborative working extremely seriously and have led the full implementation on a number of projects; we have reviewed the ISO44001 standard in detail and have developed our own implementation model, together with a detailed tracking system to ensure focus remains on delivery. 

Operational Planning 

We have the ability to model and analyse the complex operational performance of major rail infrastructure, suggesting improvements and enhancements to gain maximum efficiency from all forms of rail infrastructure. Our team have the expertise to support the planning of capital expenditure enhancements or improvements to keep the railway operational, limiting the impact on the travelling public. 

Deep Dive Reviews

Our team of experts will undertake a deep dive review into either a project or business operation, looking at potential issues, risks, poor performance and helping to drive improvements and reduce risk and cost. We have significant experience across differing industries and will undertake reviews whilst being sympathetic with the client team. 

Risk Management

All projects, programmes and portfolios are inherently risky because they are unique, constrained, based on many assumptions, performed by people and subject to external influences. The successful management of risks can affect the achievement of project objectives either positively or negatively. tusp have a robust approach to the management of risk, including both opportunities and threats. Our record of success speaks for itself. 

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