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Health and Safety- Sentinel Sponsorship

The Ultimate Solution Partnership is proud to be a Sentinel sponsor, a premier safety system in use across the United Kingdom Rail Industry and integrated with Network Rail’s Lifesaving Rules. We prioritise the safety of our consultants above all else. Through this page you can download our safety policies and follow links to the Network Rail safety bulletins. Any health and safety updates will be published here and you can download forms for additional PPE or if you are required to work excess hours. 

Our Policies and Forms 

Below you can find the links to download all Health and Safety related policies in a PDF format. These policies are the standards that we adhere to, in addition to this, we expect our associates to work in line with the standards we and Sentinel stipulate. 


Click the links below to access the policies relevant to health and safety:

Health and Safety

Working Hours and Fatigue Management

Work Safe Procedure 

Drugs and Alcohol 

Health and Safety Bulletins/ Documents 

Core health and safety updates are listed through this section regularly. Sentinel updates, as well as other third party safety systems, are all included.


The Ultimate Solution Partnership fully support a number of external safety processes and protocols, we are always evaluating different organisations practices and look to improve our own standards continuously. 

(Managing Health and Safety in Construction Design and Management)

Industry Guidance for Principle Contractors - CDM 2015

Sentinel Scheme Rules 

Sentinel Scheme Rules - March 2020

Office of Rail and Road 

Annual Report of Health and Safety on Britain’s Railways 2020-2021

Health and Safety Bulletins 

Network Rail Life Saving Rules 

Our Life Saving Rules- Network Rail 

Third Party Websites 

Through the link below you can visit Network Rail's primary safety bulletin site: