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Excellent Purchasing Management is now a key focus within global operations and has become an essential requirement for proving robust systems are in place when your customers audit your facilities. Also, Commercial partnerships have become increasingly more of a necessity in managing large-scale projects, due to not only high maintenance costs, but also construction and development of infrastructures has become more challenging over time, across the world.


tusp have experienced Purchasing and Commercial resource to bring to you proven successful Purchasing and Commercial Management systems. The process starts from an initial evaluation and audit of your procurement area, a presentation of the results and a target set for improvement through to implementation of a Strategic Procurement process that is effective for you.


Essential process requirements range from providing evidence of supplier approval systems; monitoring of the robustness of the supply chain in Risk Management, Measurement and Monitoring of Supplier Performance, proof of regular Auditing Suppliers through to final acceptance of goods and services meeting agreed performance specifications – the days of antiquated desk bound buyer ‘place and chase’ processes fail to meet these needs.


Cost downs are a typical roll out from effective Purchasing Management leading to increased margins and profitability as well as proving to your customers that you are well in control of your Supply Chain, tusp have the experience and expertise to improve your own purchasing systems and processes to enable you to increase margins.


Experience in negotiating CAPEX Purchasing Contracts is another area where correct and effective processes are key to ensuring that you get what you want at the right cost and at the right time.


Strong Supplier Relationships are key to continued business success with both parties and the engaging of your suppliers in proven Supplier Development programmes and strength to this total engagement, this is an area where tusp can really add value to your business.

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