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tusp are passionate about collaborative working and have already seen the benefits that it can bring to clients and suppliers if embraced fully.


We have taken collaborative working extremely seriously and have led the full implementation on a number of projects, we have reviewed the BS11000 standard in detail and have developed our own implementation model, together with a detailed tracking system to ensure focus remains on delivery.


We have ensured that we are able to align the standard with normal project management processes, therefore ensuring that the implementation of the collaborative working standard becomes part of the normal project mobilisation process and isn’t seen as a nice to have.


We have also developed a unique initiation workshop that sets the relevant project off in the correct manner and ensures that senior management buy into the process and show support to the project team.


tusp are also certified BS11000 auditors, so we can support or drive implementation at project or programme levels.


‘tusp have made implementation of collaborative working part of the day job’

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