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Public Sector ‘Will Be Ready to takeover’ ScotRail

It has been a difficult time for ScotRail in recent months as the Scottish government stands ready to take over due to concerns over reliability and poor performance.
It has been stated ScotRail’s moving annual average performance has fallen from 90.3% to 89.6% since Abellio took over the franchise. Abellio holds the contract until 2025 however there is a break point in the deal in 2020.
Under new powers delivered to the Scottish government in March, Transport Scotland officials have started the necessary work to ensure that a public body is established and ready to bid for the next franchise.
Transport minister Humza Yosaf said “I don’t find the performance level acceptable at all. They have put in an improvement plan and I’ll work with them. We’ll monitor it to see how it progresses.”
We wish all involved in improving transport links in Scotland the very best of luck.

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