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 Lord Adonis Expected to be Chair of Crossrail 2 

Lord Andrew Adonis is expected to be made Chair of Crossrail 2 after being selected by chancellor George Osborne, transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin and London mayor Sadiq Kahn. The final decision will be approved by the London Assembly and the Transport for London Board.
Lord Adonis published a report stating that the project must be taken forward “as a priority” and be delivered by 2033. Lord Adonis published a report which was called into the future of Crossrail 2. He was appointed NIC leader in October when the commission was created. 
In 2013, Lord Adonis was responsible for originally recommending an independent infrastructure commission that year. As a result of his work in the Armitt Commission, he would also bring to his experience as former transport secretary to the role.
This week, Lord Adonis stated the following: “Without Crossrail 2 London we will grind to a halt. There are no greater challenges facing London than overcrowding on the transport network and the city’s acute housing crisis. Crossrail 2 will help tackle both”.
At tusp, we wish Crossrail 2 all the best for their proposed rail route as number of our consultants live in and around the London area. This will  save them time with a shorter daily commute. This project will be great as we have the opportunity to develop more rail related industry jobs and hopefully fulfill people’s ambitions as a result. 

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