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After reading an article on a Rail Awards ceremony where the writer joked about the attire of attendees “resplendent in black ties (and red ties, and spotty ties, and even the occasional evening dress)”, which struck a chord with how women are still portrayed in the industry….occasional!
Despite moves being made in the industry to inspire more women, such as dedicating a whole day to Woman in Engineering, there are still just not enough women, only the occasional one.
With the industry facing skills shortages across the board, some recent statistics are quite shocking. In construction alone women represent only 2.3% of workers, yet in the 2011 census there were just over 17 million women aged 20 – 60 in the UK. Meaning there is a whole pool of un-tapped resource in women.
Also, women are not taking up the subjects that are the foundation for a career in this industry. The Institute for Mechanical Engineers reported that science, maths, engineering and maths (Stem) subjects were chosen far less by girls than boys with a ratios of 54,000:32,000, despite 72% of girls gaining grade C and above in those subjects at school in comparison to just 66% of boys.
This leads to the question of what can we all do to inspire women?
tusp’s solution is to go in to schools and colleges to talk to students to give them a real insight into the world of infrastructure and how exciting it really is #NextGeneration

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