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HS2 Phase 1 Behind Schedule

This week the National Audit Office has delivered news stating that the HS2 is already behind schedule and could fail to deliver phase 1 by their target of 2026. HS2 are experiencing problems according to the0 National Audit Office in certain departments one of them being the uncertainty of financing.
The National Audit Office has stated that HS2 is only 60% confident that they will be able to complete phase 1 to target. The department for transport considers that the HS2 timetable may be too ambitious because they have missed 32% of the planning and development targets so far.
The head of NAO Amyas Morse said the following in the report about the schedule of HS2 “The unrealistic timetable set for HS2 Ltd by the Department means they are not as ready to deliver as they hoped to be at this point. The Department now needs to get the project working to a timescale that is achievable. ”
HS2 have recruited a high number of employees, these being around 500 staff in 2015. They are willing to recruit another 300 employees later on this year to enable them to meet demand and avoid falling fall behind schedule. Some of these new staff will be required to complete the development of an automated information management system which will analyse data.
In conclusion, the department for transport has told HS2 they will need to increase the confidence level from 60% to 80% whilst keeping within the available funding.

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